• Kaka'wa Cocoa Beans

    —Pure whole bean chocolate—

  • Fresh-roasted fine flavor cocoa beans covered in layers of white, milk, and dark chocolates and cocoa powder.

    Five chocolates in one bite!

  • A Family Business

    In Austin, Texas.

    After years of research, I discovered what makes great chocolates—

    The rare and delicious fine flavor cocoa bean, the heart of chocolate flavor.


    I carefully roasted whole cocoa beans and covered them in layers of white, milk, dark chocolate, and cocoa powder, for a sublime and complex flavor balance.


    Family and friends loved them, so I took our chocolates to the downtown Austin Farmers’ Market.

    Our first day of business, we sold out; 15 pounds in four hours! That was in October 2004.


    Today, we ship our Kaka’wa Cocoa Beans to connoisseurs of fine chocolates across the country, and we appreciate the support of our family business. I still make everything by hand, so you have my personal guarantee of the quality and freshness of our chocolates. Enjoy!


    Tom Pedersen
    Founder, Cocoa Puro

  • Fine Chocolate

    The story of chocolate begins with the cocoa bean...

    This is me

    I'm in Costa Rica looking at the seeds inside a cacao pod. (More photos to come!)

  • Press Comments

    Unsolicited comments from the press.

    "Pure Chocolate Joy!"

    —Saveur Magazine

    Editors' 100 Favorites From Around The World

    “Cacao Bonbons. My dream candy

    —Food & Wine magazine

    "A total sensory wraparound… Call it 'Chocolate 5th Dimension”

    —Mark Christian, C-Spot.com

    "The taste truly is transcendent"

    —Ana Dane, TheStreet.com

    "Elegant… You've never had chocolate like this."

    —Kitty Crider, The Austin American-Statesman

    "For the true connoisseur"


    Authentic, rich, and with great contrasting textures"


    "Intense experience, with hints of nutty, woody, and fruity flavors that’ll make you want to become a chocolate sommelier."


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